Thursday, November 10, 2011

Highlights of SOFA Chicago 2011, Part II

By far the most inspiring works I saw at SOFA this year were the bronze sculptures of Ted Gall, shown by Donna Schneier Fine Arts from Palm Beach. This former animator constructs complex sculptures with articulations that just wowed me. Interestingly enough, now that I’m home, I don’t even see him listed on their artist list, and the SOFA exhibitors show him with two other galleries. I wonder about that interesting story. Suffice to say there were loads of smaller pieces that were all sold. The artist wandering around opening the pieces no doubt contributed to the fascination of many.
gall tree closedThis piece has tiny people carrying wings walking into the back of the head. The top of the head tips up to reveal inner workings. I don’t seem to have the actual title saved, but I know it involved Wisdom.
gall tree smallHere’s a smaller bird house, tipped open, with its red dot to indicate it sold ($3800).
gall displayI was also drawn to a Da Vinci flyer piece with movable wings, at the far right side of this photo.
lucky girls galleryA new gallery that I really enjoyed was Lucky Girls Gallery from New Orleans.
ann marie cianciolo ringsThe jewelry made by Ann Marie Cianciolo captivated me with tiny bird rings, including the carousel that spins and a birdcage (how often I’ve contemplated one of my own!). Unfortunately, her website seems to show only the more conventional pieces, which were nice but not as unique.
youngquist birdOther fun items included the heavily beaded sculptures by Betsy Youngquist, with porcelain faces, glass eyes, and other doll parts. Go to her website to see a menagerie of wild characters and watch the many videos of their creation.
More inspiration coming up!