Monday, July 16, 2007

Gathering Myself

On Saturday, we head out for two weeks of vacation, moseying up to Minneapolis for the Gathering (the boys are going on to Oshkosh to literally camp among the planes and exhibits). I am gathering everything I will need for the Bead Bazaar -- tablecloth, lights, display trays, change, receipt books, business cards, and most importantly BEADS and VESSELS. Of course, four days 'til departure I am still working on new stuff. The electrochemical bath has been busy, the kiln is running almost non-stop, and my head is spinning with a lot of new ideas with little time to try them.

These are some of my favorites from the last couple of days. For the florals, first I make the bead or vessel and anneal overnight. Then I draw a black outline with pen and glass ink and fire/anneal overnight. Next I delicately color the drawing and put everything back into the kiln to again fire and anneal overnight. Sometimes there is something on the other side, so I repeat that entire double process again. And sometimes tragedy strikes, such as this afternoon when I started to paint the red fuchsias on a bird vessel only to notice that the wing was cracked wide open. Putting glass through the kiln repeatedly like this is stressful, and sometimes (more than I'd like) I lose a beautiful piece.

I have to consider it an offering to the kiln goddess, and an opportunity to take a piece to the Gathering to show why I'm asking what may seem very high prices for these complicated pieces.