Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Craft Podcasts

I'm enjoying listening to CraftCast, a series of podcasts recorded by Allison Lee. I only found these recently, so I'm catching up on the 40+ casts published so far. I find myself anxiously waiting through reviews of craft products and music selections to hear the inspiring artist interviews.

Many of the artists are jewelers, not surprising since Allison is a jeweler herself. I've had websites from precious metal clay artists Kate McKinnon and Celie Fago and polymer clay artist Elise Winters bookmarked for years, and it's really fun to hear them talk about their work verbally rather than just see the visuals.

Even with the jewelry influence, there is a broader range of topics addressed including interviews with television craft personalities, writers, collage artists, knitters, scrapbookers and even, most recently, a cake artist. Yesterday I listened to the backcast of an interview with Photoshop collage artist Maggie Taylor, whose work I had seen online before. I was prompted to go order her new book, Landscape of Dreams.

Please let me know of other interesting podcasts out there. I find these are really great to listen to while working on my own art!