Sunday, November 25, 2007


Front and Back

Thanksgiving kicks off a season of stress for most of us, and I've certainly felt that increasingly over the past few years. Somehow, this middle age thing brings more commitments, more work, more family responsibilities, more "musts."

This year, as I move forward into the holidays, I'm vowing to try to keep a bit more focused on feeling grateful...

Grateful mostly for little things, the tiny shifts in perception that can change the stress into peace, beauty and even fun. I can't necessarily choose all the commitments I have this season, but I can choose the attitude that I bring to them. So, as I find myself tending toward panic today, I'm trying to proceed calmly, with gratitude.

Since I missed a message while I was gone to Chicago, I've only agreed at the last minute to participate in a trunk show next Sunday (less than a week!!!) at Blue Moon Glassworks . Well, yes, I found out before Thanksgiving, but today is the first day that I can really work on preparation.

Advised that jewelry might be a better seller for the holidays, I'm working slowly on converting some of my beads into wearable pieces. This is an interesting mental shift, which I'm certain will have a good effect on my beads and vessels. Overwhelmed by wondering what shoppers might desire, I've decided that I can only think about making jewelry that I myself would find appealing. I'm also viewing it as a learning opportunity, where I may indeed not reap a reasonable wage, but where I will gain valuable knowledge for future endeavors.

Etsy listings should follow soon.