Friday, November 09, 2007

Planets Aligning

I've long been fascinated with space. As a child, I read science fiction, subscribed to Sky and Telescope magazine, and planned to study astrophysics, thinking that might get me off the planet. Alas, the colonization of space has not proceeded apace.

As I homeschool my son (we're in the 7th year!), I have developed a fascination with history, which was an incredibly dry, boring subject in the multitude of public schools that I attended as I hopscotched around the country with my family following the Corps of Engineers water control projects. Greek mythology and the ancients' views of the planetary bodies controlling our day-to-day lives has caused me to fill a notebook with research into the imagery and concepts associated with each of the ancient planets. As art would have it, a series of small works demanded attention.

You'll be able to see what I've been up to in detail soon in an article to appear soon in Quilting Arts Magazine. Stay tuned.