Thursday, December 06, 2007

Inspiration from the Universe

Tonight I "wasted" time checking my blog statistics. It's interesting to see how readers get here. I've noticed an intriguing shift lately -- a lot of Google searches are coming in. Somehow (no clue on my part), I'm getting high rankings on Google.

Of course, often searches have nothing really to do with ME, but rather with something or someONE that I've mentioned. For example, tonight I found a search for Catherine Witherell, whose fab PMC birdhouse project I posted about here. Well, as often happens on the web, I clicked on another link, and maybe another, and popped up in an etsy shop for Diana Fayt's gorgeous ceramics, One Black Bird. Of course, I had to check out her blog, also.

OMG! Incredible! I can't believe how much inspiration I got out of a pure luck connection. Thank you, universe! And thanks, Catherine and Diana!