Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dot Beads!

There are some incredible beadmakers who use dots to major effect, for example, Kristina Logan, whose work just makes my jaw drop. Being a Libra, I adore balance and regularity. Her dots just have a finesse and refinement that I find appealing, especially when coupled with her silver work or pate de verre.

I, on the other hand, am most emphatically not a dot type person. I rarely use them and when I do, I don't do regular arrays of them. Which is kind of odd when I think about it, since I have a history of regular arrays in my quilts, like Soul Searching.

So I've been playing with pod shapes, and I've made a few with dots that really intrigue me. I decided to spend a little time on that dot concept, with a simple bicone, just to see where it would go. And now I can't stop thinking about the regular dot arrays. All the Matrix quilt ideas just popped into conjunction with glass. How can I not play with THAT?

Of course, I had to put that petal frill at the end of one. Homeschooling mom that I am, I see the hydra resemblance. Sealife series? Polyps and medusas coming up.

FWIW, I really need better photos of these. There's a lot of metallic silver that's not apparent.