Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Keenan and I marked our 19th wedding anniversary by a weekend sans teen in San Antonio. I enjoyed browsing through the Fiesta Arts Fair, and acquired these fun, unmatched earrings, made by Vicki Grossman Wyrick of Ida Ida Studios (sorry, but the website is hopelessly out of date).

Titled "He Said, She Said: The Long Story," they represent how men's and women's views are always different. The manager of the Ursuline Gallery shop at the Southwest School of Art and Craft snatched up the Short Story version as I selected these, and asked Vicki about gallery representation on the spot. I wish I'd asked to take a photo of some other pieces, since the website work is so obviously not as refined as the newer. Her work was definitely a cut above much of the rest of that at the show, and that transition to gallery representation is overdue.

The female is on the right, marked by a hinged stone at the bottom representing her mouth, always moving. The stones are Australian boulder opal, and they look more blue in real life than they photographed. Lately I seem attracted to these longer earrings (these are about 2").

Another thing I really liked about this artist was the overall presentation. I paid attention to the booths at the fair, thinking about my only experiences with selling my work at the ISGB Gathering Bead Bazaar. That's coming up again in August. Since I have to carry everything on the plane, I need to refine my ideas about my half table there.