Thursday, May 15, 2008

Inspired by Mother Nature

I'm so taken with the notion of pod shapes!

I've been collecting photos of pods, sketching pods, sculpting pods. I'm totally captivated with the simple, elegant shape. The concept of a creative repository tickles my fancy. Seed pods represent growth, new life, beauty to come, a storehouse of energy.

Yesterday I decided to pair back at the torch. I limited my colors to ivory and amber, which look so perfect with copper. Sometimes limitations can be so freeing -- instead of focusing on trite surface design, I worked with the form itself.

This morning when I ventured out to the kiln, I was a bit awed by the cohesiveness of the kiln goddess's production. My absolute favorite of the lot is this plain ivory pod. No matter which side I view it from, it's good!


  1. Oh my! that is a thing of beauty if I ever saw one :)
    There is this photographer you should look into, Karl Blossfeldt, maybe you know him? He has photographed all kinds of pods and leaves at their finest, most artful moment, all in B/W. I think he may have set out to do science, but his pictures are much more than that. Oh, now you have me all hopping to do pods too :)
    Anyway - thing of beauty. Will you electroform it?

  2. weird - i love blossfeldt and was influenced to make some pod beads by his images. your pods are beautiful, here's a like to mine if you are curious.