Thursday, July 31, 2008

Creative Focus

Keenan & Joren have flown to Oshkosh, WI, for the annual enormous airshow, so I'm free to focus on glass. But only until the propane runs out, which it did early this afternoon. I raided the propane from the grill, but that one was almost empty, too, and the third backup tank was also empty. So I gave up and ran errands after getting my hair cut.

I did get three birds black outline painted and run through the kiln to set the enamel. I also wrapped a couple of bird tiles and one fish, but had some difficulties with those. Too many steps means too many places for something to be less than perfect.

I'm starting to get philosophical about the entire thing. I will take what I have. I'm only going to take what I'm really proud of (well, maybe I'll take the less perfect specimens for trade purposes). I will use this as a learning experience.

I'm thinking about my display. Last year I used the regular black jewelry trays. This year I want to do something a bit more artistic, more in keeping with the originality of the work. The huge drawback is that I am flying and will have to pay for that extra baggage. So the display needs to be simple and light weight, but interesting and flexible. I bought three rectangular metal trays to fill with rice or lentils or something to nestle beads into. Time to clear the table for a dry run.

Also time to paint some electroforming, print some more business cards, start packing, and get some sleep!