Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The universe intervenes again. I came home from Bead & Button aware of the PMC Guild's biennial conference this summer at Purdue University. It sounded so especially exciting because of the introduction of bronze clay to take place there. I admit to sending up a little wish: I wish I could go!

Wish answered: Keenan needs to go to Indianapolis for work. That's only an hour by car from Purdue. I was able to do extremely late registration for the conference, find a hotel room (well, not for the night before), and rent a car. So other than a bunch of driving on Thursday to drop off & collect Keenan, it's going to happen.

Joren is even a bit excited, since Purdue is ranked 6th or 7th in the country for aeronautical engineering. So we'll get him a tour of the university while we're there.

The only downside to a week away is a bit of panic about how fast the Gathering is coming. I'm signed up for a half-table at the Bead Bazaar and right now I don't have a lot to offer. I sent the best stuff to Bead Inspirations.

I do have a few bird vessels I'm very happy with, ready to paint &/or electroform. This one is for practice since it has a crack.

Flying all day tomorrow!