Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Selling beads at the ISGB Gathering Bead Bazaar was actually fun this year! I was past the anxiety of the whole thing and able to enjoy the feedback from all the lookers and buyers. I revamped my display and got a lot of positive feedback on it as well. The bronze trays with millet worked really well to nestle the beads. Many beadmakers asked what it was and said they preferred it to rice or beans, and one Japanese beadmaker even sampled it for food.

I find it really interesting to analyze what seemed to be popular. Hands down, the birdcage beads were picked up more than any other, probably more than all the rest put together. Everyone seemed to agree that it was a clever use of electroforming. And the birds without cages were popular as well.All my publicity work seemed to pay off, as people came by with my booth marked on their maps, having seen my work in the Bead Review, the Flow, the ISGB Glass Bead, at Bead Inspirations or just online. Some groupies wanted my autograph on my page in Bead Review 3! It is very gratifying to know that people actually read my blog and look at my website. Thank you all!

The week of intensive work culminated in electroforming on one last bird bead that I couldn't even offer up for sale as I was so excited about it. People did comment on my different directions in beads, from painting to electroforming, beads to vessels. This last bead I strung and wore several days. It represents the fusion of those various techniques and a path to impose my vision on the work rather than being limited by the techniques. I'm so excited about the possibilities that I can hardy wait to have some time to work.But first I have to finish up some home projects and clean house for a bridal shower for my niece on Saturday. Today I grouted the fireplace where I set handmade tile and river pebbles way back at Christmas. At least it didn't take as long to get to that as the original tiling. Next week is the last week before homeschooling begins again in earnest. I'm giving Joren the rest of that time off to enjoy the Olympics and summer, but mostly I'm giving myself next week to try to put the new vision into process.