Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Flower Art

The only art I've done recently involved flowers, a LOT of flowers, for my niece's wedding! I spent two days this past weekend working (I was one of several assistants) on table centerpieces, huge urns of blossoms, and attendant bouquets. It was gorgeous. I personally made 8 of 24 small centerpieces like those on the left, three larger ones on the right, four more even larger display urns, and three bridesmaid bouquets.

My special contribution was to work out a compromise between mother, who wanted big vases of flowers, and bride, who wanted Moroccan lanterns at the front of the aisle. We managed Moroccan lanterns spilling over with blooms:

Almost too many flowers, as we worked right up almost to the start of the ceremony. I did not get the photos I would have liked beforehand and had to scavenge from friends and family.

It was a fairytale wedding, with a breathtaking bride and handsome groom. Congratulations, Allison and Jesse!