Monday, February 16, 2009

Riveting Silver and Bronze Clay

The three piece silver clay pendant is riveted together, if that's the appropriate term. It's held together with balled-end argentium sterling wires, anyway, although there's some movement still. The Little Torch makes getting into those tight spaces easy. A bit of patina and polishing off the raised birds, nest and leaves really makes the design pop. The stone looks more gold in this light, but it's truly peridot. Next I will work on some fused silver links for a bail.

My worktable is full of bronze clay drying, including the second try at the bird bracelet, two attempts at repairing cracks in bells and a bunch of square links to carve. The kiln is running, loaded with bird trillions for earrings and, finally, a carved bangle.

It will be exciting to open the kiln late this evening or in the morning.