Monday, February 02, 2009

Viking Knit

First, the giveaway from last week...thanks to all for the comments. Carmen Isaacs, if you will use the contact button on my website to send me your snail mail address, I'll send the electroform dewdrop on its way to you.

I finally decided to be bold and invite all the Austin area metal clay people I know to form a monthly group. We held our first meeting this weekend and learned from a most generous member, Anntoinette Kirk, to do metal wire Viking knit over a dowel. Yesterday, sitting next to a high school Ultimate frisbee league game, I finished my first Argentium sterling chain section and pulled it through the drawplate.

The red wire is some lacquered copper wire that I had around the house, used to start the chain. It will be cut off later.

I'm now hooked! Something easy and fun and useful to do during all that waiting! I started a piece with the 26 gauge bronze wire that I just received, and I've almost used it all now. Must order more. This piece is hopefully destined to hold the bronze box pendent I made before.

Want to learn Viking knit yourself? We used the technique in this Art Jewelry Magazine article.