Monday, March 23, 2009

Painting on the Wing

I think I've mentioned before that flying seems to be the perfect time for sketching. I see that when I fly with DH in our small plane, and I found that to be the case on the long flight home from Rome.

Drawing seems like an obvious connection to making metal clay or glass: I can visualize where I'm going. Not only do I get the design worked out, but I run through in my mind HOW it will come to be. Why don't I do it more? Time -- that worn out excuse.

It's so easy to decide that there's not enough time for that intermediate step, that I should go straight to the important stuff.

Hmmm. I teach this to my teenager all the time (we homeschool). Do the prep work. Don't be fooled that it will take too long. It speeds things up in the long run. Just commit and get it done, then the real work will go easily.

If only I listened better than a teen!