Friday, March 13, 2009

The Villa Lifestyle

I'm home!

Sorry, but obviously my computer access didn't materialize. That's just one of the many things that weren't quite as advertised. Nonetheless, I enjoyed six days to focus on metal clay and the five days of sightseeing.

Here are a few photos of the Villa taken upon arrival and the final day, the only two days there with sun. I can imagine that it would be gorgeous to be in Tuscany later in March, when spring has really arrived.

The Villa is very remote, about 20-30 minutes walking to the nearest tiny village, Villastrada, consisting of a church, small food market and sports bar. We students had no transportation other than foot, and the pouring rain discouraged venturing out. On two nights when we went out for dinner, we went to the only open restaurant in Castiglione del Lago that would send a car to collect and return us (for a fee).

The main building of the Villa housed the work room on the lower floor, living rooms, kitchen and dining room on the ground floor, two large suites on the second floor and a twin room on the third floor. A second building had four bedrooms, three baths and living room/kitchen on the ground floor and a second complete living room/kitchen with two bedrooms on the second floor. I stayed solo in the minuscule cottage with its kitchen in a cupboard.

The hillside view was just incredible. Nearby, we watched as olive orchards were cleaned and debris burned in every semi-dry moment. The village was also visible across the valley and a lake in the farther distance. The sounds of roosters, wild birds, and an occasional car were punctuated by snatches of Italian from neighboring houses.

The enforced isolation was good for focusing on clay. Pictures coming soon!