Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Another Electroformed and Painted Enamel Bead

The fish in this bead is sandwiched between the background blue rainbow dichroic and the front layer of sea grass, ferns and snail. There's a real sense of depth -- you can see more of the fish by tilting and looking between the layers.

The electroforming has a simple surround of bubbles on the front.

There is a complementary scene of grass, fish, shells, and starfish carved into the back.

The cutouts let light into the bead, to make the dichroic sparkle, and let you peek at some of the hidden painting.

After this last multi-layer bead, I'll have some simpler single wraps with electroforming coming up. They seem so easy after these nerve-wracking beads!

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful bead! I love your electroforming technique and I haven't seen anything like it online.

    You mentioned that you might teach a class in this technique. I may not be able to travel to take a class, but I'd certainly consider purchasing a tutorial from you, if you had one available.