Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bead Marketing -- Brochures

After spending all that time on my brochure design, I tried to print them at home onto brochure paper with my photo printer. It was a frustrating process, with ink getting on the rollers and winding up in undesirable places. Time consuming and expensive, as well.

Finally my DH suggested that I have them professionally printed at the place his business uses -- Copy Craft.

It was really easy to upload them via FTP (they even took my Photoshop files). After a few specifications of paper weight and folding pattern, they were printed and in my hands in less than a week (despite a goof on the address that sent them to the wrong city).

Now I'll look at some of the other products available through their services.

BTW, I've added quick links to the brochures on the blog sidebar.