Saturday, April 18, 2009

Business Cards

I love being able to print my own business cards. Since I work in multiple media, it's good to have a range of cards with different images at hand.

Since I liked the Retro Lovebird necklace image so much, this morning I cropped it and popped it into my business card form. I use Photoshop and Word so that I can easily change the images.

The procedure is simple:
1) Set up a new file that is 2" x 3.5" with 300 dpi resolution.
2) Fill with black background.
3) Crop a desired image to 600x720 pixels and paste into the file.
4) Move image to top of box.
5) Add white text as desired below. Be sure to include contact information.
6) Rotate 90° to get landscape format.
7) Save as a JPEG file.

Then open a file in Word:
1) Set margins to 0.75" left/right and 0.5" top/bottom.
2) Cut and paste image from JPEG file into document.
3) Repeat pasting to fill page with 10 images. They should butt together, filling the paper with just the margin around the edge.
4) Print onto Avery 8879 Glossy Clean Edge Business Cards using high quality setting. (I use my photoprinter.)
5) Snap apart.

Alternatively, print onto nice gloss or matte card stock and cut apart.

Once you get the first card done, then just substitute a new image any time you have a thrilling new treasure to show off.

Of course, now I wonder why I don't do it completely in Photoshop? But, you get the idea.