Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What the Size of My Purse Says About My Art

I dislike huge purses. They weigh a ton, pull my posture off kilter (undoing all my yoga work), and let whatever I want to find vanish into the abyss. However...

They do allow for carrying the sketchbook, watercolor pencils, and markers everywhere. Yes, I take the supplies with me when traveling and when I'm going to be sitting a while waiting on something. I just never realized how often I would pull them out for a few minutes here and there, and how that could add up.

Now I'm looking forward to a few minutes wait wherever I am, because I've got something to get down on paper.

And somehow, if I draw it, I seem to make it.

So I think I'm becoming attached to this huge leather tote I acquired to carry things to Italy. 

If carrying a big bag leads to more sketching, and sketches get turned into real beads and jewelry, then I can conclude that 

Bigger Purse = More Art

Why on earth did I carry a small to medium purse for all these years?