Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bronze Clay Bell Repair and Bracelet Assembly

The first version of the Spring Summoning Bell has been repaired. It could still use yet another iteration. The clay I added to reattach the inside ring shrank relative to the previously fired clay, opening up some cracks. So it will need another repair, but not until I return from Bead & Button. The bell did shrink some more, but it is still not as small as the Winter Summoning Bell.

The sound of the bell is just beautiful. I'm going to learn how to embed an audio file so that I can put it here in my blog.

The bird link bracelet is all laid out and ready to assemble today. The clasp shrank a bit more when refired, so its size is pretty similar now to the rest of the links, but it is an entirely different color. I'm going to brush and torch patina before the assembly.

Funny, this load of prefired bronze all came out with beautiful patina. I'm thinking that unless the pieces are really well sintered, the bronze just doesn't react to give the nice patina. Is patina itself indicative of how successful the firing was?