Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bronze Clay Bell Progress

No cracks! My attachment of the dome was good. Firing went well. Only one slight problem needing repair: the inside ring attachment was weak. It looks like the bell didn't sinter as well on the inside, and when I was brushing the ring bent over. I will add more clay and refire.

The plate made from the bird tree texture plate cracked open, but I'll repair and refire that, too. Look how much bronze shrinks!!

And all the bits for bracelets and one pendant came through well. The clasp didn't seem to shrink as much as the original pieces, perhaps because of the opening? I will refire it again as well, to check shrinkage. I do think the small ovals will be enough to extend my bird link bracelet to a wearable length.

I didn't get much patina on many of the pieces in this load. It appears that the only real patinas, rainbow vertically, were near the edge of the container. The big flat plate is the best example. I have a theory that some oxygen is needed to get the patina, which makes sense, since I know scientifically those patinas are oxide layers.