Thursday, May 14, 2009

PMC Guild Annual Submission

That public exposure of having promised I would submit something for the next edition of the PMC Guild Annual had me sweating these past few weeks. Somehow it took much longer than desired to assemble and photograph the enamel pieces I've been working on recently.

Of course, fate tests to see if the desire is strong by imposing obstacles: blown daylight photo bulbs, dead camera batteries, fussy CD burners, etc. I have persevered down to the last minute.

At least there was an e-mail this week saying that tomorrow was a postmark deadline rather than a receipt deadline as the announcement originally claimed. So my submission will get dropped in the mail tomorrow by DH, while I go to my just reward, a two-day metal clay workshop with Barbara Becker Simon at Wired Designs in San Antonio. It's the first time I've taken a class there.

The earrings and pendant are more enamel on silver clay, set with Swarovski crystals and beaded Argentium sterling silver wire.

I didn't submit any bronze or copper clay, nor the painted enamel glass set into metal clay. Not enough time to finish everything! Well, there's always next year.