Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dotty about Kristina Logan

Kristina Logan is the Queen of Dots. Her precision is legendary. The tales of dots as meditation precede her arrival. Her silver work combined with dotted glass is classic, viewed in the pages of fine craft magazines and in high end craft shows.

I am taking two days of class filled with dots. Yesterday we learned to make dots with fat rods rather than the stringers most teachers advocate. Even close to the mandrel, tiny dots off the tip of a full-sized rod were the assignment.

Another drill was forty quick spacer beads, with the goal a perfect bead on one stroke, no adjusting allowed. I managed two good ones, I think. Then we made large disc beads, covered with more dots.

Stacked dots, raked dots, transparent over opaque, raised dots, flush dots, masked dots. I feel completely dotty.