Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Obsessions, Artistic and Otherwise

The Summoning Bell for the Muse of Spring is finally completed, strung with simple handmade glass beads, commercial copper chain and a couple of square carved bronze links. Everyone at Bead and Button agreed that it sounded lovely.

The Summoning Bell for the Muse of Winter is similarly finished, but the photo is a bit blurry.

In the vein of following my muse, Catherine Witherell tagged me and a group of other artists to tell what we're about right now. This morning I made a long list of all the metal clay and glass related things I want to do, trying to decide which direction to choose first.

My current mental bandwidth is preoccupied with:
-found objects
-the new garden construction in my backyard
-bird and butterfly attracting plants
-bench and fountain possibilities for the garden
-bronze clay
-bronze patinas
-painting boxes (cigar, Altoid, other)
-carving -- directly into metal clay or into polymer texture plates
-electroforming copper
-etching copper
-sketching for photopolymer plates or other textures
-planning for teaching classes on glass, metal clay, and electroforming
-bracelet modifications
-a cuff design from my sketchbook (drying now to carve later)
-painting on glass
-brown/bronze as a color
-red (a new interest)
-getting more done each day
-painting on glass
-using my stringer skills to do some incredible silver clay syringe work
-making some easy beads ;-)
-three new books I bought yesterday:
The Creative Entrepreneur
Creative Awakenings
A Whole New Mind
-understanding my personal creativity
-staying cool
-achieving flow

Plus all those random thoughts that fly through my head continuously.

Oops, I had to edit to add that I'm going to continue the game by tagging a few people. Just link back to this post in your post, then leave me a comment so I can see what you're up to (or not -- it's summer, vacation may call).