Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Glass Window Lockets

Class on Sunday was a great experience. Five guinea pigs, er, I mean volunteer students, checked out my new offering. The results were outstanding. I'll hope to get some photos soon of their finished treasures.

I learned a lot. As I feared, doing this project in one day is just not feasible. We worked seven hours, and still needed to do the final firing and finishing. Most took their pieces home to fire. Several things were rushed and skipped to make the tight timing happen. I think everyone would have liked to experiment more and do a lot of the hands-on that I prepared for them because of the time constraints. So I guess I will relax, add all those bits in, and go with the spirit of process rather than forcing a product.

These are extra class samples that I made. One simple textured front with a hidden tube bail. One surface painted enamel on iridized white glass with the flower decorated front. I wasn't sure if the white glass would react badly with the silver. Since it didn't I have more ideas. How many iterations can I do before I have to say the class stands??