Friday, July 17, 2009

Slaving over a Metal Clay + Glass Class Proposal

Doing all the preparation for a new class is daunting!

I'm working on a proposal for a workshop to teach at Bead & Button next year. There, I've put it out into the ether, so I'll be shamed/supported into getting this done. Please leave me a comment and buoy my flagging courage in this matter!!

So many people have admired my enamel painted glass beads, and for ages now I've had great intentions of combining the glass with metal clay. So, here's the first (that I'm showing anyway) sample.

It's a small glass tile, in hand-drawn and reverse-painted enamel, mounted in a metal clay window box. The box is made in two parts, prefired at high temp to deal with shrinkage and strength issues, then joined with the glass inside and refired at low temp to seal.

I know not everyone can paint, so teaching a "painting" class feels a bit audacious, but it does introduce some of my variations on techniques. I'm going to test it out this weekend on a great group of guinea pig friends.


  1. I just discovered your work thru facebook and am a great admirer and sincerely appreciate what a great teacher you are thru what you share in your tutorials. I am exploring silver clay and enameling ...(not much of a painter)....this class would really entice me to find a way to get to Bead & Button or another venue...carry question is what is the center painted piece enameled over? silver? copper? thank you, Katherine (in Napa) so if you ever come, I work at a wonderful winery and you should come for a tasting and visit!

  2. Thanks, Katherine! I'm astounded that you would consider making a trip just for a class from me!! That's very flattering and humbling at the same time.

    The center piece is enamel on a small glass tile. Very much like painting on china. Then the glass tile is enclosed within the silver window box.

    So, it's a bit different than enamel over metal.

    I really appreciate the feedback!

  3. I thought it looked more glassy...really cool technique...I have some time constraints now because of my work schedule and at the same time I would love to find a way to meet you and take a class or two or three from you so I am now following your schedule. I am doing camera research now and my next goal is to take better pictures of my experiments. I enameled on silver last week and need to get some experimental sheet to test colors before I do much more. I've thought of Bead & Button but never really seriously even though I have good friends who go regularly. I have upgraded now in my knowledge of what's available in classes from you and others like Pam East. I am working on finding a way to go next year if at all possible. Have a great weekend, Katherine

  4. Well, now I'm *totally* tempted to propose a class of my own just so I can take this one of yours!! It's absolutely like nothing ever taught before and I realllllly hope you do it. And don't just bring ready made tiles. The fun will be painting our own. Do It!!!!!

  5. Well, DO it, Lora! I'd take a class from you in a flash! Little Altars, your box construction rings, ... I can think of enough for you to stay busy all week.