Thursday, August 13, 2009

Silver Clay Brooch

Although it's taken me several days to get this together, and I still don't have all the finishing work completely done, I'm happy to show my first silver clay brooch.

It's my enamel painted glass tile mounted in a garden window brooch with beaded edging. The pin back is Argentium sterling wire, soldered in place. I still need to harden the wire pin and clasp and polish up the back.

I had a little rim of silver that I didn't clean well off the glass. Rats! Couldn't see it was there. And since the enamel is on the surface, I can't get aggressive about removing it without taking off the enamel, too. Lesson learned: be more careful!

I drew it with gold over the balls, but forgot it until after I'd put on the black patina. Should I remove the patina and add the gold?

Now I want to do it again and change the proportion and size, which seems a bit off to me.