Saturday, September 12, 2009

June Birthday in September

My mother asked if there was something I'd really like for my birthday, coming up in a few weeks. Finally, I thought of the depression glass that I collect, that I always wonder why I never think of when people ask about such things.

Fresh from Replacements, Inc., a clearing house for all that antique china, crystal and silver you are seeking to complete, came a big box today. Since the box was a bit crushed, normal for my delivery men (WHY?), I was a little worried.

When I opened the box, I found the most interesting wrapping material I've seen: this cut paper that holds itself intact with no tape. The cool stuff is piled on my kitchen floor now, with me looking at it wondering what I could use it for.

Even better though, are the Fostoria June sherbet glasses that were carefully packed in it, two to a package. Aren't they delicate and gorgeous?

Chocolate mousse, anyone? And maybe a glass of red wine in the goblets I bought years ago at an antique show? Thanks, Mom and Dad!