Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Glass Tiles for Garden Window Jewelry

Yesterday I squeezed in hand-painting a set of six glass tiles to set into pieces for my Garden Windows series.

Yes, you noticed correctly. There are only five, because I dropped one -- my favorite, of course.

Now I need to choose which one should go in the class sample I'm finishing up. Votes?

Sorry for the overexposures. I have to run to math team, so no time for reshooting.


  1. tough call, I am torn between the second swallow and the hummingbird, ok, maybe the swallow, that soft blue is just too pretty.

  2. They are all great but I love the first and second one most ..... perhaps because swallows are special for me :-).

    P. S. What about the birdiebead ... wonder if it arrived?


  3. I might be useless here, I like all of them!
    Make a pendant that can take interchangeable pieces:)
    Last weekend I showed my 'Gang' how to make a brooch doing just that.

    This is a necessity for me, I can never make up my mind:)