Saturday, November 21, 2009

Resin Inlay Pendant Finally Finished!

This resin inlay into silver clay project seems to have dragged on forever, but I'm thrilled to say that it is finished!!

Fussy detail after detail has been attended to:

  1. replacing some syringe decoration on the drop that came off in the tumbler
  2. adding the white moon under the resin
  3. experimenting with alcohol inks on the faux bone, but finally only adding a few marks on the edges for fear the entire thing would be too blue
  4. waiting for the rainbow topazes to arrive, after deciding they would complement the resin better than laboradorites
  5. adding extra ball rivets in unplanned places to compensate for placing the bail directly behind the planned top rivet
  6. experimenting with how to attach the chain for the drop
  7. struggling with setting the cabs in those bezels -- hard to get to all sides evenly because of stuff in the way!

Even with all the frustrations, I'm quite happy with this new piece. Now, onward! I've got a box to construct and several cool pieces from Kate McKinnon's class to finish. Strap band ring is first up, then the branch with the birdhouse.