Thursday, December 24, 2009

Squeezing Art into the Holidays

I escaped from the rigors of this season yesterday for a few hours in the glass studio. I am settled in on the imagery for these bird beads, just working on color. I have visions of these in my head, but how to get there is the issue, since so many of the colors I've been working on are reactive.

Even so, as I experiment the leaves are becoming more delicate and refined and the birds are getting more detailed and expressive. Soon, I can tell, this is going to all come together. I just need more hours in the studio. Frequency would help me avoid dumb errors, like using red copper green stringer for leaves, when I thought it was regular copper green. No wonder those leaves went brown! Nice, but not what I was expecting, and I was way slow to figure it out.

To all of you who visit my blog, I wish a joyous holiday season, filled with love, peace, fun, and beauty!