Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shopping Urges

You know those urges you get to buy supplies you can't imagine what you'll ever do with them? Over the years, I've learned that if something truly keeps calling to me I'd better add it to my collection. Invariably it's the perfect thing at some point down the road. It's as if some part of my mind recognizes the piece before it ever comes into being. How does that work?

These Australian boulder opal beads really called to me at the last Bead & Button show. I had to go back and pet them over and over. I thought it was because they were low grade (compared to the stones for setting) and thus inexpensive, relatively speaking. They are a lovely ivory color, irregularly shaped but flat to lie nicely, with azure iridescent flashes in the proper light. Now I know they were destined for a bracelet, set with Bali silver nuggets and cobalt faceted Czech glass. Details coming soon.