Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whole Lotta Whimsy Master Muses

It's official -- the 2010 Whole Lotta Whimsy Design Team has been announced, and I'm an inaugural member!

Starting today, each of the ten artist members will take turns presenting tips, techniques and projects involving metal clay jewelry. Tune in each Wednesday on Tonya Davidson's blog to see the latest inspiration.

Drawn from our responses to a particular material, design or technical challenge, five different artists will present their interpretations over the course of five consecutive weeks. Then the challenge shifts for another five artists. Each of us will prepare six tutorials, for total collection of sixty. An abbreviated tutorial for each project will be posted free on the blog, and a complete, detailed tutorial can be purchased a few weeks later.

And to pique your interest, here's the rotation of the first five artists to watch for:

Anne Mitchell -- chain maille, fused silver and Viking knit teacher extraordinaire

Barbara Becker Simon -- renowned for her lampworked beads and silver clay innovations, Saul Bell Design Award winner, and author of one of my favorite metal clay books, "Metal Clay Beads"

Vickie Hallmark -- that's me! Number three. I can't believe I get to call myself a Master Muse next to these icons of the field. Pinch me; I'm dreaming!

Patrik Kusek -- another Saul Bell Design Award winner, known for his breathtaking nature-inspired metal clay jewelry incorporating natural stones

Angela Baduel-Crispin -- international designer of sophisticated, contemporary jewelry and a finalist for the Saul Bell Design Award this year

I'm not certain of the order of the second group of five artists, but it's an illustrious group:

Lora Hart -- super-talented designer of stunning metal clay jewelry with a Baroque sensibility

Donna Penoyer -- stiltwalking designer with a penchant for story-telling and humor in her amazing creations, including whistle jewelry

Kelly Russell -- creator of magnificent mixed media beads and jewelry with the feel of archeological relics

Ruth Baillie -- vineyard owner, bird-lover and creator of whimsical bird-themed jewelry

Tonya Davidson -- pioneer in metal clay, co-owner of Whole Lotta Whimsy, and founder of the Master Muses

Please join us for an inspirational year, starting today!