Monday, February 15, 2010

ICE Resin Blog Hop

Objects and Elements is the blog and shop of Susan Lenart Kazmer, an eclectic artist who combines found objects, cold connections, resin and glass into narrative jewelry. One of the novel items which Susan has introduced into her work is ICE resin. In order to see how other artists are using this new non-yellowing, non-brittle resin, the Objects and Elements blog issued a call for a blog hop. Rather like the Jewelry Carnival that I participate in regularly, this is an opportunity to show work, jewelry or other art, incorporating resin and to link to a group of artists also using this material, but in varying applications.

I've used ICE resin several times since I purchased it during a workshop with Susan. I thought it would be a nice replacement for the Devcon two part epoxy that definitely yellows with time. For a first project, I embedded sealed paper into a silver clay locket.

Next, I used the resin to adhere a peacock feather into another locket, while not covering the surface of the feather, which would dim its iridescent beauty.

More recently, I've used ICE to embed a small paper watercolor embellished with tiny beads.

For pure colored resin, I've been very successful with tinting ICE with alcohol inks, as in this silver clay ring and this riveted pendant sandwiching a reservoir of resin inside a layer of faux bone.

To see the more inspiring ICE resin projects, visit the blogs of the following blog hop artists:

  1. Molly Alexander
  2. Ro Bhrun
  3. Karen Burns
  4. Keecia Frazee Deveney
  5. Mary Jane Dodd
  6. Melanie Earthenwood
  7. Kerin Gale
  8. Vickie Hallmark
  9. Jess Italia Lincoln
  10. Jill Liles
  11. Heather Powers
  12. Art Bead Scene
  13. Amy Purdes
  14. Jenny Barnett Rohrs
  15. Stephanie Rubiano
  16. Shea Fragoso
  17. Lisa Sommerville
  18. Kim Taylor

The Objects and Elements Design Team Members playing in the blog hop can be found here:

  1. Jen Cushman
  2. Deryn Mentock
  3. Kristen Robinson
  4. Barbe Saint John
  5. Susan Lenart Kazmer


  1. your work is stunning - i love all of the pieces you have created... the alcohol inks give such a nice color to the resin ~

  2. Beautiful work! Love the way you're using color with the Ice. Lovely...

  3. Your pieces are beautiful. I found your blog because of Art Bead Scene. By far the best use of ice resin I have seen. Thank you for sharing photos of your wonderul jewelry.

  4. I'm in love with the first pendant. What an incredible creation.

  5. oh my gosh, all the resin blog hoppers have done such interesting and exciting stuff with ice resin. love the stuff you did with the feathers and lockets. actually, love it all!


  6. Thank you so much for sharing your work! I love how you tinted the resin with alcohol inks... I'm certainly going to try that soon! Craft on, Jenny from

  7. love the alcohol ink mixed with the resin! I may have to give that a shot

  8. These are fantastic!!! The colors are so beautiful and the peacock feather is breathtaking. I'm so excited about the possibilities of pairing the resin with alcohol inks! I tried that a while back with a different resin and it was a disaster so I'm thrilled to see how well yours turned out!!!

  9. Love the bird locket the best!! All your work is amazing.

  10. Your work is simply stunning. I love the texture of your pieces and want to run my fingers over your work. The peacock feather and ICE Resin is gorgeous. Thanks for participating! -- Jen

  11. Wow Vickie - just beautiful work. I love the peacock feather and your silver lockets. Gorgeous!

    :-) Molly

  12. Your work is beyond the beyond! Am absolutely smitten with the bird locket/bezel!!

  13. Oh, that peacock feather is just . . . Wow!! Absolutely amazing. :)

  14. So inspirational. I'm doing the blog hop and I wanted to stop by to see what you were doing. Your work is so beautiful!

  15. absolutely stunning work. I LOVE the bird one and the peacock ones. SWOON!

  16. Wow. Such gorgeous work!! It is all stunning. I love the tinted resin. So inspiring. Such amazing colors.

  17. Your work is amazingly beautiful! I love the way you combined the Ice Resin with your metalwork. Thanks for sharing!

  18. These are beautiful. I just recently bought some ICE resin to experiment with and it's been inspiring to look through your pieces. Thank you.

  19. Oh my goodness, this hop just keeps better and better. Beautiful work and so happy to hear about using alcohol inks with the resin.