Thursday, April 01, 2010

Month of Earrings Challenge Finished!

Today I managed to recover from errors last night and finish the last two pairs of earrings.

Leaves are what I often make with that dab of clay left at the end of a package. Although simple, I think they look rather nice with the bezel set moonstone cabs.

Last night I broiled one of these black enamel birds, so had to diamond-polish off the enamel back down to white and redo it. They're still not quite as smooth as I'd like, but I'll get a better handle on that later. After dropping one multiple times and setting the other cocked sideways, so that I had to get a knife to pry it out of the bezel and reset, I went to bed and put off finishing until today.

Here's the full set of thirty from me. See it in detail here.

Congratulations to everyone who finished all thirty pairs of earrings in two months. I'll be checking out the Month of Earrings Challenge Flickr site in detail to see the goodies. Everyone who finished the challenge is eligible to win a set of my earrings as a prize. Which pair shall I give away?


  1. Congrats, Vickie- I'm sure it felt like quite an accomplishment! Off to check out the flickr pool..

  2. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Congratulations, Vickie, on completing the challenge you set yourself! And with such lovely creations!

    Thanks so much for encouraging others among us to join you.

  3. Congrats Vickie! You did it... these look fabulous!

  4. I wish my enamelling looked as good as that after all those adventures, I usually just manage to trash mine altogether. I love those little birds x

  5. Glad you finished it Vicki - and with a difficult time for you too. Love the latest enamelling - I look forward to seeing more. I just sold both of my garden seat earrings today - otherwise I was going to send you the blue pair! Maybe it'll encourage me to try again with the aluminum. Thanks for initiating the challenge.

  6. Vickie, that is great, congrats to you.
    Amazing work, it´s time now for a

    Happy Easter ☺

    Have a wonderful time,

  7. All your earrings are delightful. Thanks for the challenge.