Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Being a Student at Bead & Button, Class 2

On Tuesday I joined 24 other students in Robert Dancik's "Concrete: It's Not Just for Sidewalks Anymore" workshop. Again I got into the sawing groove and did a pierced bird on a branch for the reverse of my folded copper box. I set a hand-painted enameled glass tile into the concrete rectangle, then suspended a mabe pearl in the triangle below. I loved the look of the black iron wire echoing the black enamel, as well as the contrast of the roughed up concrete texture with the smooth glass and pearl. I'm going to do more with this concept.


  1. Love this more than I can say. ;D

  2. Ooooh, so jealous! that is gorgeous! I would love to learn to work with tinted concrete! such a cool looking medium

  3. Very nice Vickie! The pearl looks surprisingly good in the concrete. Your bird and branch tile is really set off well. As usual the bird and branch is fantastic.

    Joan Furilla

  4. Robert is a wonderful teacher, isn't he?

    Great piece. :) I used an old Australian opal earring when I made my version. I wish we could get the right type of concrete over here. I would make loads of these pieces.