Thursday, June 03, 2010

Leg Hardware

I saw the surgeon yesterday and got rid of the arm brace as expected. The good news is that he also cleared me to advance from toe-touch only to partial weight bearing. That means I can now put 50% of my weight on the bad leg, allowing me to stand on both legs evenly although not walk yet. Well, as soon as I can convince my mind to put more weight over on that side. I'll be filling my prescription for crutches after I return from Bead & Button.

A whole new range of exercises opened up for physical therapy, like tip toes on both legs. Hardest was the "Total Gym," which allows squats at an angle so that the force is less. My quadriceps were seriously complaining after working five minutes at 30% total weight. Today I'm very tired afterwards. I iced down the knee, in hopes of heading off pain. I expect some serious muscle soreness tomorrow after the new work.

Here's my hardware. The films from this week and six weeks ago look almost identical to me. I still need to go collect an image of what the knee looked like before the surgery. That might be scary, seeing that the surgeon said it was a pretty bad break.