Thursday, June 24, 2010

Master Muse Jealousy

At Bead & Button, when I went by to see Tonya Davidson at Whole Lotta Whimsy, we of course talked about the latest challenge, to create a metal clay lid to fit a box of an unspecified material. I had my idea all ready to go, but not worked up yet.

Imagine how my heart sank when I heard from Tonya that Barbara Becker Simon was set to turn in a glass and silver box!! Oh, yes, I'm a "me, too" gal. Since Barbara's tutorials are always amazing, I started to rethink my great idea. Should I continue with glass...or try a different material, polymer clay or even fiber? Over the past two weeks, I've done a few different tries, but finally I came back to glass.

My box is nothing like Barbara's clever little vessel, made from a lampworked hollow bead with attached metal bottom and lid. Rather precious, isn't it? See the tutorial synopsis here.

Standing, no sitting, there in Tonya's booth, I also could look up and see Anne Mitchell's clever box locket, which sent me running home to read the challenge rules again. Was it a requirement for it to be wearable??? No, thank goodness, although I gave some short thought to that possibility at this prompting. But there was a requirement for using an extruder, which I'd forgotten about. Good to reread the rules before starting. See Anne's tutorial synopsis here.

My project is heading out late today or tomorrow, so I'm feeling that satisfied sense of having managed the myriad problems that arose in its creation. Maybe I'll take a day or two to just admire it, before I start on the next project. You, on the other hand, have to wait three more weeks to see it. Just call me a tease.

But meanwhile, Angela Baduel-Crispin and Patrik Kusek will present their own versions. Thank goodness I won't have to have heart palpitations when I see theirs. Mine will be done and gone, past agonizing over. Watch for the tutorials every Wednesday on Tonya's blog.