Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bronze Clay Bird Rings

I hear that Bill Struve will introduce his new fast fire version of his bronze clay at the PMC Guild Conference next week. Thus, I'm trying to use up all my old clay, before I no longer want to work with it. Of course, I still have Hadar Jacobson's clay hanging out and some unopened Prometheus bronze clay and two types of copper clay I haven't touched, as well.

Anyway, since I keep getting inquiries about the bronze bird rings, I carved up a set and popped them into the kiln just now. It's fun to see how they are all similar, yet unique. Offer up a few prayers to the kiln gods, if you are one the requesters, that they 1) sinter and 2) come out your size. I'll be taking them and the other recent one (which was Hadar's clay) to Purdue next week for my table at the Show and Sell.