Sunday, July 04, 2010

More Zentangle Doodling

Fourth of July holiday beckons and I haven't progressed a lot on everything piled on my work table. I decided to target a bunch of enameled earrings, both because I can finally get out to the torch again and because those might be items of interest at Purdue during the upcoming PMC Guild Conference.

I signed up months ago for a "show and sell" table at the conference. Of course, there's not a lot to show or sell due to my distractions with healing. But, I did sit down and think hard about what people have seemed most interested in, and the enamel earrings rated fairly high. So now I see how economically, time wise, I can make them. Of course, I hate to just mass produce them, so they all have to be a bit different. New ideas keep popping.

Amongst the new ideas, I want to turn more doodles into texture plates. Here's another. I kept this one very simple after I realized the previous intricate 3" diameter Zentangle wouldn't reduce down to a 1" charm very well. I keep playing with this one, trying out new things.

The way I make these is a bit crazy. I start off doodling by hand, but then I scan them into Photoshop to clean up and try out variations. Here's the original, with a spiral belly on the bird that didn't quite work for me.

And here's the latest iteration, with the sun changed to dark with texture. I like working on them on the computer, because nothing is lost. I always have the option to revert to the original.