Sunday, August 08, 2010

Recovery Update

The PMC conference was really good for my walking progress. You know how big a temptation it must be to have an incredible bead shop just blocks away from the hotel. Ignoring the bum leg is possible, if there are enough distractions around. I did make it to the bead shop, then further to lunch and back, with no assistance. Red coral, tanzanite, amethyst, chalcedony, green amethyst, moss aquamarines, freshwater pearls, aquamarines, and apatite were just too hard to resist.

I came home immediately and dumped the crutches for good. I don't plan to use them again, although I still limp some -- badly, even, when I'm tired. I've started walking down stairs in an alternating pattern, which is much harder than going upstairs, which I've been doing for several weeks now. For someone who lives with seventeen steps, being able to negotiate them multiple times per day is important. I just consider it part of my therapy, and go slowly, always holding the rail.

Finally, finally, finally, I think I've closed the unhealing wound on my calf. Everyone seems to think it was actually a very deep pocket open down inside that had to fill from the inside out. Going to the chiropractor three weeks ago was a turning point, as she has been treating me with cold laser therapy. The mechanism of that treatment is a bit of a mystery, but it seems to bump up cellular metabolism for faster healing. The scar that has bothered me a huge amount is also responding to the treatment, with lessening of the worst pain. 

Physical and occupational therapists are starting to hint that discharge is coming in a few weeks. I've graduated to the elliptical exerciser, which is quite difficult for me now, but I expect it to get easier as I work at it more. Balancing on the bad leg, even while standing on the small trampoline, is now doable, at least for a count of ten. I finally got one of the therapists to work with me on getting down to and then up from the floor. I thought it would be difficult, but it was actually quite easy. I'm thinking of going to a gentle or restorative yoga class to see how that would feel.

I did have to rest a lot this last week. Between visiting with my father, who arrived before I got home, and trying to get a few classes submitted for the Bead & Button Show next year, I just put my feet up a lot and tried to regain some energy.