Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anastasia Workshop, Day 2

I collected my beads today from the second day of the workshop. We started off the day making a floral with enamel stringer watercolor background and flower center murini. I chose different colors from the class sample, as I hate it when all the beads come out looking the same.

Then we moved on to a creativity exercise, adding glass to a base bead until we "saw" something in the glass to work with. I added amber glass to the side of my bead until it started to look like a huge hitchhiking thumb. So I added a fist and then decided it would be more interesting with a forefinger up. The fingernails are pressed in with a tool. When Anja came by, she suggested a few drops of blood, so those are on the extended finger. Finally, I added a cuff and silver glass button.

The wave bead was an exercise in moving glass, sculpting small points without loosing the large mass of the bead. It also has a latticcino cane. The last bead, the coral bead, was the opposite exercise -- working tiny with controlled heat to build up small coral fingers and then add tiny dots and barnacles all over.