Sunday, October 31, 2010

To Enamel or Not?

I'm trying to decide if these projects are destined to be enameled. It influences my construction. Do I build a perimeter to contain and protect the glass enamel? Or am I free of the wall constraint?

Even when I sketch, I never know how the piece will turn out until it's finally done. There are so many decisions to make along the way.


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    i vote for enamel

  2. charles3:44 PM

    hi vicki i saw your recipe on cook and draw and folloewed it there to your blog. you have a really great blog i love your style of illustration very cool . i love your last two illustration friday pieces really beautiful kisses

  3. Charles, you have me confused with someone else, as I have never participated in either Cood and Draw or Illustration Friday.

  4. charles4:40 PM

    vickie i have you among one of my favorites your blog

  5. What else would you do to obtain that fab. color besides enamel? I vote to make them enamel if that is the only way, I think they are going to be beautiful.

  6. Well it certainly has "enamel me" written all over it doesn't it?

    I vote for enamel.

  7. I would love to see them enamelled.