Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bird Journal - Ambition & Cage

It's almost time to turn in another of my Master Muse projects, so I'm deep in the throes of building a silver project. Unfortunately, I can't show you in progress photos, so you'll just have to wait until it finally appears on Tonya Davidson's blog for me to tell you about it here as well.

I also have an invitation to participate in a fun fiber project. Since I haven't done any fiber or stitching of any type in several years, I hesitated to commit, but I find myself actually looking forward to it. My intention is to utilize the imagery and quotations of my bird journal pages, but on cloth. That brings up interesting new challenges. Should I ink jet print onto cloth, collage paper onto cloth with some gel medium, or paint directly onto cloth? I'm pretty interested to see how stitching will change the overall feel of the work. That's an element of fiber that I'm always drawn to -- the three-dimensionality of the surface. Another layer of detail that can't be had with paper.