Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bird Journal -- Spirituality

This weekend, during my speedy sojurn to SOFA, I worked on the bird journal again. Airplanes are good places for a journal and a bit of mindless coloring or penwork.

First up, Spirituality.

One of the most exciting things I did was visit the Blick (as in Dick Blick) storefront to shop for art supplies in person. I brought home a collection of 6" x 6" boards to make some of these to hang on the wall. I brought home clay, gesso and aqua boards to try the different surfaces to see which works best for my mixed media. Won't these look fabulous grouped on a wall?

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  1. charles9:13 AM

    hi vickie wonderful illustration bird. fron who among surprise and fabolous blog is excellent combination colors. and you are very professionel il valve all it do kisses