Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fiber Bird House, Part VI

The birdhouse was delivered last week, to reside on a high shelf high out of kitty reach. Unsurprisingly, the feather roof seemed to hold great interest for furry ones.

Because of publication issues, I cannot show full images yet, so I'll content myself with details of the feather hanging in the doorway. There were going to be two feathers, but I dropped one and broke it. I think the birdhouse only wanted one.


  1. wow !!
    Vickie this piece is breathtaking !!
    Gorgeous, gorgeous !!!

  2. I don't think cats are capable of not trying to attack a bird feather. It's just in their DNA so don't be to hard on him/her. Great work!

  3. Indeed, the kitties just can't help themselves. Kudos to the organizer for putting a high shelf on a wall just to protect all the (mostly non-bird) houses. The kitties, meanwhile, try to scale the ladder when she's putting things up there. I have this vision of them climbing the Christmas tree to the very tip and then launching themselves across. ;-)

  4. Wonderful! The feather in the doorway is the perfect touch.

  5. Stunning! My kitty loves my Limoges' boxes, I find them in his bed all the time. I still have no idea how a 25 lb cat gets to a shelf in the middle of a wall but I will have to leave that up to my imagination.
    Cannot wait to see the whole birdhouse in print!
    Shannon C

  6. Vickie, your work is so good it gives me shivers. Weak knees! Got to remember to breathe! I'm so lucky to know you.