Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking Backward to Look Forward

I like this idea I took from Deryn Mentock at Something Sublime (who borrowed it from Rebecca Sower at life. by hand.) to build a mosaic of recent work.

As I ponder where to go with my work this year, looking back at an overview of the body of work is a good thing. I'm debating a poster of each year's work (from Mosaic Maker at Big Huge Labs) to put on my wall. When I get another minute, I'm going to make a mosaic of my bird journal.


  1. Vickie,
    You inspire me! It is possible to have a crazy busy life and make art. Thank you. Your work is beeautiful!

  2. Well, truthfully, there is work on here more than one year old, but none more than three.

  3. Ooo, love the idea of making a print poster! And even smaller prints of a mosaic for a print portfolio would be cool!