Friday, February 25, 2011

Bird a Week #8

I've had lots of time to work in my journal this week, helping my father out through his surgery. Miraculously, everything has gone extremely smoothly. The surgeon was able to do the procedure via laparoscopy, which significantly reduces the recovery time. Even so, the ability of the one kidney to take over the work of two was of concern. It turns out that the tumor must have already majorly impacted the function of the removed kidney, as the tests showed the numbers little affected. After only two days, the doctor couldn't find a reason to keep him, so we are back at his home, much more comfortable. Although sore, weak and tired, it's hard to believe he had such a major surgery only days ago. It's rather reminiscent of his quick bounce back from the knee replacement only months ago. I sure hope I got those quick healing genes.

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